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$9.99 / month

Here is my Scrappin One Page At A Time Club that I’m offering you to join, so that you can spend less time searching, and more time getting your scrapbook pages done!!

When you join this club, you have have access to any of my type of scrapbook pages that I make!  You can print out the project sheets that I send out to you, put them inside a binder, and that way you always have a reference point to start out at!!

I also add little bit of extra to this club, so that way you have other options to capture your photos, and memories

I want this club to be a way for you to spend a lot less time searching the world wide web for a page design, and spend more time creating a page!!  This club is about the ease and convenience of searching for something that you want to make!

Please don’t check out with PayPal Express, because it won’t capture monthly payments for this club!

I do explain this club in more detail down below, and what this club is, and isn’t about!




Here is my Scrappin One Page At A Time club for any scrapbooker who does page layouts!!

This club is all about easy access to page designs ideas, page templates, and I will be putting my Facebook live classes inside this club!  I’m hoping with this club that you will spend less time searching the world Wide Web for a page design, and spend more time crafting your pages!!

All page designs, templates, and lives will be numbered, and indexed for easy to locate.

I will send you the Project Sheets to your email that will contain the photo gallery, and the guide that goes with them.  I will send you an invite so you will  access to my box account.  This will contain the following:

  • Project Sheets – gallery & guide sheets
  • Interactive Binder Scrapbook Tutorials
  • 6 x 8 Binder Tutorials (Selected Ones)
  • Scrappin Your Pad Party Tutorials

You will never pay a higher price for this club, as long as you stay current with me.  This is the price you will always pay no matter what happens in the future!  You are required to stay with this club for at least 3 months once you sign up.

***I’m still working on getting this club all together, and trying to figure what is working, and what isn’t

Here is what I know that will take place inside this club:

  • I will come up with templates that you can read real quick, and then it will give you the measurements for that particular page layout.
  • I will be putting in all my Facebook live classes for those who can’t watch live classes, or just prefer that way of teaching
  • There will be a community off of the Facebook platform to where you can ask questions, make friends with other club members, post your work
  • There is a subscription box for this club, and it will allow you to follow right along with me during my Make It Wednesday live classes.
  • This will include any of my Interactive Pages that I’ve been working on, plus any that I come with in the future!


What this club isn’t about:

  • It is Not a PAY-to-PLAY club!!  You can find the Facebook live classes on Scrappin It Up on Facebook, but that takes time to search!
  • Is this club all set in stone?  No, it will evolve around the next few months, and may take lots of turns and twist!!
  • It’s not just a one time fee, its a monthly fee that will be automatically taken out every month, at the time of sign up!

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