Let’s Get Scrappin Club Special Offer

$14.99 / month

Here is my Let’s Get Scrappin tutorial club special offer that I promised you that would be coming up!!

I’m going to be closing the doors to this club forever, which means you will not be able to join this membership with all its benefits ever again!!

Times are changing, and I’ve got to change with it, and if you join now, you will always enjoy the aspects of having access to everything that I ever make (Except for the Fall Fest that I host every year)!  I will never take this club away from you away what so ever!!!  You will always pay this amount for this club, no matter how many tutorials I have in there for you!!!

So, I’m offering you this club at a lower price as a special offer that I promised you that I would do for you!

When I get all this restructured, things are going to be different!!  There may or may not be a tutorial club again, because I’m still looking at my options and weighing things out!!   All I know for sure is….the will not be a club where you will receive everything that I make!!


you are already a member at a higher price, please just cancel your other club membership, and get signed up for this one instead!

If you are not a member already, NOW is the time to get signed up while I still got the doors still open to this fabulous club!

If you have any questions about this club, please email me at  This is my personal email, and please don’t give this email to anyone!!

This is my Let's Get Scrappin membership where you will have access to all my tutorials that I have ever came up with, and let alone the projects that I come up with in the future too!!.  You will always have access to any of these tutorials as long as you stay current with the monthly payments.  Once you get out of this membership, that will be it, you will not be able to rejoin this current club again!!

This tutorials include the cutting guide, written instructions and process video where I record making the album step by step.  Now there is a few that I just have the process video because they are too hard to write up written instructions.  Some of these tutorials are from my Facebook lives or my YouTube videos.

So Act fast ladies!!

I'm going to be restructuring my business, and how all the clubs will be delivered, and the content inside them!!  But, I wanted to give you access to this before I close the doors on this membership forever!!!

I will be doing this membership a little bit different in the future!!!

Please allow 24 hours to receive your invite from account.  If purchased on a weekend or holiday, it may take longer to receive your invite because I may not have access to my computer.

How will I receive my purchase:

1st,  you will receive an confirmation email of your purchase and then you will receive an email invite from my box account, which is a file sharing service that I use to hold all my tutorials.  From there you can either set up a free account with box, that will allow you access from any device, or you can directly download it to your own computer.

You are responsible for your own box account, not Scrappin It Up.  Please keep your confirmation email as a receipt for your records so that if something happens and you need to get the tutorial again, you will be able to verify your purchase with me.

This membership will be opening up sign for you to get sign up with this wonderful club of mine!!


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