Laugh & Breath All Occasion Mini Photo Folio Album


Here is an all occasion Laugh & Breath mini photo folio album that measure 8 x 9 and can hold up to 20 of your favorite everyday photos.  This album makes for a great gift to give someone, put your photo in it and display some where for others to see your photos, or take to work and show your photos.

  • I do a complete walk-thru of the all occasion mini photo folio album down below in the description box.  So go check it out.

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Here is an all occasion mini Photo folio album that measures 8 x 9 and hold up to 20 photos.  This album is designed to hold any occasion photos that you may have.  Nice album to display your grand kids or your loved ones on the coffee table for others to look at.  So if you interested in this album, you may want to think about getting it before it is gone forever because it is so hard to duplicate albums with all the paper companies changing designs constantly.


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