A Year In Review Interactive Scrapbook Tutorial


Here is a tutorial that you can purchase that will be teaching you how to make an interactive scrapbook that will be for a whole year.  This project will be all put into a ring binder, and will have lots of interactive elements that will hold a whole year of your photos!!  This project will be 12 x 12 pages, but I will include measurements for 8 1/2 x 11 size, just incase that is the size you prefer.

This Year In Review project will have 24 different Interactive pages that you will be able to make to complete the whole year.  There could be a couple more pages, just depends on my photos that I have for each month.

Each month we will be having live classes on my YouTube channel, and we will make a double set of pages, and will be decorating them with my photos for that month!!  We will start this project the 1st of February, and will contain 2-5 classes for that month, just depends on how many photos I have.

The pages will be predetermined before class with the amount of photos that I have for that month, so you will receive the cutting guide before the start of class.  That way you can work right along beside me while we create something great!!

When you purchase this tutorial, you will receive the following:

  • Cutting guide for each months double set of Interactive pages
  • Written Instructions
  • Process videos – YouTube live classes – few extra recordings
  • Inspirations sheets
  • Will include a 8 1/2 x 11 size measurements just in case you would rather do that size
  • Process videos of how to put this project all together into you ring binder
  • jpg files for specialty papers that I may try to design for our album that you can print off – notebook paper for journaling, design papers, or shapes that I may use on our page.

I will be also offering a kit that you can purchase that will contain the scrapbook supplies that will be needed to make this Year In Review Interactive scrapbook album.  Each double interactive page sets will be a different set of scrapbook papers, which some papers may be intertwined for a set of pages.

Down below in the description box, you will find a set of interactive pages that I done in the past.  I wanted you to see what our album will represent.


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Purchase Description:

You will receive step by step instructions on how to construct this album form start to finish.  I provide the cutting guide, step by step instructions, and also process videos to help you during the construction process of this album.  Some of he process videos will be Facebook live classes, so if we haven’t made this album yet in class, when class is completed it will be added to this file for you. If I  update or add to this tutorial, you will automatically receive the update in your box account.  You will always have access to your tutorials as long as you have your box account.

Please allow 24 hours to receive your invite from account.  If purchased on a weekend or holiday, it may take longer to receive your invite because I may not have access to my computer.

How will I receive my purchase:

1st,  you will receive an confirmation email of your purchase and then you will receive an email invite from my box account, which is a file sharing service that I use to hold all my tutorials.  From there you can either set up a free account with box, that will allow you access from any device, or you can directly download it to your own computer.

You are responsible for your own box account, not Scrappin It Up.  Please keep your confirmation email as a receipt for your records so that if something happens and you need to get the tutorial again, you will be able to verify your purchase with me.

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